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These are some of our favorite Blues artists and bands we couldn't live without, but we didn't list them all. Some of our selections are surely present in most Blues collections. Others may be a bit more obscure, and that's what makes them all the better. There's nothing more satisfying than finding an artist that knocks your socks off for the first time. Our other favorites are more localized bands that have some strong history and definitely deserve a listen, no matter where you live.

Feel free to e-mail us your "must-haves".
Allman Brothers -
(The name says it all. 30 years of blues can't be wrong)

Benoit, Tab-
(Cajun Blues at its best. Benoit plays a mean guitar and holds a great live show with that down home feel.)

Bonham, Gordon -
(A local band in Indiana that has strong roots in the Blues. Top notch guitar playing, vocals and a killer harmonica.)

Butterfield, Paul - no website, but can be found on several blues/history sites.
(Quite possibly one of the top 5 best harmonica players ever. Having played with Muddy Waters and countless others, he has made the rounds. One can only wonder where he would be today if he was still alive.)

Davis, Cedell - no website
(Maybe a bit obscure, but true Blues. His years add to a great style all his own.)

Deer, Gene -
(A local Indiana band. Gene is a guitarist you won't want to miss. He puts on a live show worth watching.)

Downchild, Mr. - 
(An Englishman turned American that would make England jealous. Harmonica/guitarist for any collection.)

Guy, Buddy - 
(An obvious addition to your collection. Be sure to catch him with Junior Wells, great duo.)

Kent, Willie - 
(Willie has a voice that seeps Blues. A bass player that may not have gotten all his due. Give him a try.)

Miller, Clayton- Blues Band - 
(An Indiana family band, 3 boys and Dad. Don't let the boys fool you, they can play some blues. The youngest, still in school, can let go on the harmonica. They play some great covers but write their own as well.)

Milligan, Mike & Steamshovel-  
(Indiana has some great Blues artists. (maybe I'm biased) But Mike learned well from his Dad and has a unique style that definitely spells the Blues.)

Payton, Asie - no website
(An obscure country man that all but died in a farm field. He was coaxed to record only twice in his life but it didn't amount to much more than demo-type tapes. But you can hear the Blues in his down home style, an original.)

Waters, Muddy -  
(Again, what can you say, other than his name? Who wouldn't have killed to have played with the man for just one song? It may seem obvious to list Muddy, but make sure you have a deep selection of his hits to round out your collection.)

Wilson, Kim -  
(Kim may be one of the best living Blues harpists around. Having fronted for the Thunderbirds, he has killer solo CD's that are a must.)

Winter, Johnny - 
(Johnny is a personal favorite. That Texas style Blues has served him well for countless years. It's a good thing the color of his skin didn't dictate the music he plays.)

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