How to dry and preserve your own spices for future use

Herbs differ from spices in that they are made of the leaves of vegetation, while spices can be seed products, bark or other parts. Herbs have a more delicate taste than spices. Thus, they might be more appealing to children, whose taste buds are more severe. The most frequent herbal products are basil, burnet, bay leaf, chervil, cilantro, chives, dill, marjoram, lovage, mint, parsley, oregano, rosemary, savory, sage, sorrel, thyme and tarragon. If you aren’t familiar with many of these, there is no time like the present to introduce yourself to some potential favorites. If interest doesn’t inspire you, try any of these other reasons to get acquainted with herbs.

Having the ability to preserve food does not stop with the usual fruits & vegetables. There is a coordinator of other produces that merge well with protecting nature’s bounty. Take natural remedies as an example.

Herbal selections have been preserved since the starting of energy. Explorers have found out valuable herbs and spices in the tombs of the historical Egyptian pharaohs. Precisely the same concepts as used in the industry production of containers of herbal remedies will connect with those you make at home except yours will be fresher and more than likely healthier. No more do you have to dash to the grocer’s cabinets to get your thyme or oregano if you can create your supply easily at the comfort of your house.

In my own home, we use a whole lot of herbal selections and spices to liven up our foods. If you were to check our pantry, you’ll think you were in the spice team of the neighborhood grocery store. We’ve rack after rack of both fresh and store-bought products.

We have found that it can be very inexpensive to dry our herbs instead of purchasing them in the supermarket. Some we develop ourselves while others we simply buy and dried in our dehydrator. Regardless of how one runs about getting their herbal remedies, one thing is for sure; it is a fairly simple technique to protect them for your future use. Let’s quickly review the two methods used for preserving herbs, so they don’t lose their flavor.

First, there is the freezer method. Some individuals brag this technique along as they contend that this retains the herbal selections essential oils superior to any other means. If you freeze the herbs or spices, you certainly do not need to blanch them first. Simply rinse them under cold water and remove those leaves mounted on the stem and dried them. Once the drying process is complete, you can offer them in a Ziploc carrier and place them in your refrigerator.

Another method used is drying the herbs and this is the technique which I favor. I take advantage of my dehydrator as soon as these are complete I place them in an air-tight container. If there is the opportunity that I’ll not use them up in an acceptable amount of time I am going to place an air absorber in the box as well. This will take away the air and stop the herb blend from heading bad.



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