Seasonings to keep in your kitchen

Seasonings and spices are some of the ingredients that many people like to use for their food. There are different kinds with different flavors depending on your taste. Some spices are only used specifically for certain foods while some can be used in almost all the recipes. Irrespective of your taste, there are some spices that you must have in your kitchen to ensure all the food you prepare if the best.

Here is a list of the must-have seasoning in the kitchen:

• Bay leaves

These are best when they are whole and dry. This ensures that they can be easily ground into powder. They can be used in almost all the recipes because they have a silent flavor and they are used to complement other spices.

• Red pepper

They are the mostly used spice especially when preparing hot sauces and soups and even flavoring pizzas.

• Cumin

It is best to find whole cumin seeds and grind them to give the powder. The ground cumin seeds have a flavor that is unique and cannot be replaced by any other spice. The ground powder is used especially in the making of baked bread and cakes. It is also used to spice up beans and other popular cuisines in the Middle East.

• Nutmeg

The powder from the nutmeg is used to spice up vegetables and other foods that are savory like eggs. This is a must have spice especially when one of your family members or friends is a vegetarian.

• Smoked paprika

This is a spice that has a deep flavor that cannot be missed in any cuisine. This is quite different from the old paprika because it has been smoked. It is sweeter and an be used in almost any cuisine.

• Garlic

Many people have been using the whole cloves of garlic for spicing food. This is quite affordable and readily available in all the convenient sores and markets. However, the ground garlic is the best as compared to the garlic cloves. This is because the ground garlic is able to add flavor to the food without having to add bulk into the food.

• Rosemary

This is a spice that has a very distinct flavor and aroma. The aroma and taste of the rosemary does not fade as the spice is being cooked. This is therefore used in preparation of foods that require a lot of time to prepare. Rosemary can also be used in spicing up tea.

• Sage

This is not a very commonly known spice to many people, but it is very popular in the areas of Greece and England. In America, the spice is mostly used in stuffing. The spice goes very well with fatty meat and therefore it is mainly used during baling and roasting meat.


Spices are essential in any kitchen because their main purpose is to improve the favor of food. In addition to improving the flavor of food, some of the spices have healthy benefits to the body. Increasing the body metabolism, improving the circulation of blood and even detoxifying the body are some of the advantages of spices.


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