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Beef Rub
juicy chicken
Chicken Rub
finger lickin' ribs
Rib Rub
BBQ'n Blues
Pulled Pork Rub
sauce, sauce, sauce
BBQ Sauce
Bread Dip
Bread Dip Mix

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Every time you place an order with Blind Rooster Seasonings, we will be happy to send a friend or family member a FREE sample of one of our dry rubs or seasonings.

The FREE sample will be shipped at no cost to you or them. It's just our way of saying 'thanks' and spreading the word about Blind Rooster Seasonings to the people that love it the most. We will enclose a note mentioning that we 
have sent the seasonings on your behalf.

It doesn't matter how often you order (Christmas, Birthdays or every Tuesday) we will send a FREE sample of one of our dry rubs or seasonings to a different friend or family member, every time.

Spread the love with Blind Rooster Seasonings.

When we receive your order, we will send a free sample to the person you list in the email link below. Please include:

Your name
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